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Singapore Esports Open Qualifiers (Mobile Legends)


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Rules and Regulation


1) Each team must consist of 1 Head Coach, 5 players (Starters) and 1 substitute player (Substitute) during the entirety of the SEA Games. Collectively Starters and Substitute form the Active Roster. No individual may simultaneously hold two or more of the roles mentioned above.

2) In the event where teams only register the main roster of 5 players only without the substitute player:

(i) Teams are only allowed to register the 6th substitute player if one of the main roster players is not able to participate for a game during the SEA Games.

(ii) Once confirmation of the 6th substitute player has been made, strictly no changes is allowed to the teamís roster.

3) The Head Coach is required to be on-site for all of their team's games. The Head Coach cannot be a Starter or a Substitute for his team's games.

4) A team's Active Roster must be locked exactly one week prior to the first game in the SEA Games.

5) Substitutions

(i) Any changes to a team's Active Roster must be submitted at least 2 hours prior to a game. Failure to do so will deem any substitutes ineligible to participate in those particular games(i) Any changes to a team's Active Roster (both starters and substitutes) must be submitted at least 2 hours prior to the start of their particular game discipline in the SEA Games. Failure to do so will deem any players, main roster or substitutes, ineligible to participate in their respective games.

(ii) A Team may substitute Players between Games of a Match. The Team must notify an SEA Games referee and have the substitution approved, no later than 5 minutes after the previous Game.

(iii) In the event of an emergency, a Team will be given certain time to find an immediate Substitute. If a replacement cannot be found, the Team will have to forfeit. League Operations will determine if a situation qualifies as an emergency.


1) SEA Games League Operations will provide, and SEA Games players will exclusively use, equipment in the following categories to SEA Games players for all official SEA Games matches. The equipment includes, but not limited to:

(i) Gaming Phone

(ii) Headsets and/or Earbuds and/or Microphones

(iii)Tables and Chairs

2) Players are not allowed to bring any headphones, earbuds and/or microphones that have not been provided by SEA Games without the approval of SEA Games League Operations into the Match Area.

3) All player-owned or team-owned equipment must be submitted to SEA Games League Operations in advance for approval. Unapproved equipment or equipment that is suspected by SEA Games League Operations of providing an unfair competitive advantage will not be permitted for use, and players will be required to use SEA Games-provided equipment instead.

4) At their discretion, SEA Games League Operations may disallow the use of any individual piece of equipment for reasons relating to tournament security, safety or operational efficiency or effectiveness.

5) If equipment or technical problems are suspected by SEA Games League Operations at any time, a player or SEA Games official may request a technical review of the situation. An SEA Games technician will diagnose and troubleshoot problems, as needed. Technicians may request that SEA Games League Operations order replacement of any equipment, at their discretion. Decisions regarding the replacement of any equipment are solely at the discretion of SEA Games. If a player wishes to use personal replacement

equipment, the player must use equipment which has been preapproved by SEA Games League Operations otherwise they will be provided replacement equipment by the SEA Games League Operations.

6) No player-owned or team-owned hardware or equipment may be brought into the Match Area if it features or displays any name, likeness or logo of a company or brand which is a competitor of MOONTON.


1) Players must wear official team uniforms during all SEA Games matches and pre-match and post-match interviews by the SEA Games. If no team

requirement exists, players must wear pants and closed-toe shoes, as well as visible team-branded apparel, on their upper body, during the entirety of any SEA Games event or appearance.

2) All starting players must wear matching apparel during the game. The matching apparel includes shirts, jerseys, and pants.

3) Coaches must wear business casual attire or team uniform while at the match area.


1) Players are prohibited from installing their own Apps and must use only the Apps provided by SEA Games.

2) Voice Chat is available only using either TeamSpeak or Discord. Use of other third-party voice chat software (e.g., Skype) is not permitted, unless

SEA Games determined to change the method of Voice Chat under special circumstance. SEA Games League Operations may monitor a team's audio at the discretion of SEA Games.

3) It is prohibited to use SEA Games computers to view or post on any social media or communication sites. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, and email.

4) It is prohibited to connect nonessential equipment to SEA Games cellphones for any reason.


A) Match Mode

1) 5 vs 5 Custom Draft Mode

B) Match Obligations

1) Punctuality ñ Players are required to be physically present at least ten (10) minutes before the start of their match. Players not ready to play will be subject to penalties and may even possibly incur match forfeiture.

2) Forfeits ñ Players may not voluntarily forfeit without prior authorization from the organizers and, even with said authorization, are still subject to penalties due to the forfeiture itself.

C) Coaching

1) Coaches are permitted to consult with their team only during the Draft Phase of each game. 

2) Coaches are not permitted to consult during game proper.

(i) Any team caught consulting with their coach or anyone outside their team during the game will result in a penalty at the discretion of the referees.

D) Detailed Game Rules

(i) The SEA Games will determine the game version used for the match and notify members ahead of time. 

(ii) On the online servers, some remade Heroes, and Heroes that have newly been added will be prohibited from use within two weeks of

being updated. The specific match prohibitions and usage times will be notified by SEA Games League Operations.

(iii) As for Heroes that are known to cause glitches, members of the SEA Games will prohibit their usage for matches for a period of time according to the seriousness of the glitch, please strictly comply with the SEA Games's notifications.

E) Disconnection or Hardware Malfunction

(i) After the game officially starts and a player who is not responsible for the Ban / Pick disconnects during the said phase, disconnected player should immediately reconnect, and the phase continues.

(ii) After the game officially starts and a player who is responsible for the Ban / Pick disconnects during the said phase, disconnected player should immediately reconnect, and the phase continues. If the ban is left blank or the pick is randomized, the game must be remade with the same bans / picks up to that point.

(iii) After the game officially starts and all players disconnect, causing the Ban / Pick phase to be interrupted, the game must be remade with the same bans / picks up to that point.

(iv) After the game officially starts, if a player disconnects or when an issue or problem arises, the game must be paused until the player can reconnect or until the issue is resolved.

(v) If the game is interrupted due to hardware provided by officials, participants should inform referees to pause the game and referees will decide on a verdict for the situation at hand.

(vi) In the event of an extreme technical difficulty, the Administration may instead award a game victory to a team. If a game has been played for more than 5 minutes on the game clock (00:05:00), the Administration, at their sole discretion, may determine that a team cannot avoid defeat to a degree of reasonable certainty. The following criteria may be used in the determination of reasonable certainty:

(a) In the situation where the difference in net worth is less than 800 x minute, the game has to be remade.

(b) The teams total net worth differences must exceed 800 x minute of the game. For exaSEA Gamese, 20 minutes in to the game, Team A holds a net worth of 20,000 while Team Bís net worth at 38,000. Difference in net worth is 18,000. 800 x 20minute = 16,000. The difference in net worth of 18,000 is greater than 16,000, hence Team B is deemed victory.

(c) Teams that voluntarily disconnect in order to apply this rule shall suffer a loss for that game.

Final Results

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